So Many Haikus, So Little Time

So Many Haikus, So Little Time

April 13, 2018

Trapper Haiku #1:

Long winter nights need
Outlets creative, or,
the Trapper goes insane

Trapper Haiku #24

A flintlock rifle
Powder, bone-dry and coal-black
Are Trapper’s dear friends.

Trapper Haiku #38

Strong pouches forged from
Metal, army strong. Jerky
stays moist and juicy.

Trapper Haiku #42

Old Trapper, Spicy
And Hot Jerky, my mouth burns.
Best paired with water.

Trapper Haiku #73:

A forested home
I share with large, angry cats
Always on the prowl.

Trapper Haiku #87

Pepperoni stick.
Your spice is maddening in
Its deliciousness.

Trapper Haiku #103

Search out the wild place
You find most terrifying
Then, make it your home.

Trapper Haiku #145:

Lean Beef, seasoned and
Smoked over burning, bright coals.
Choose your favorite.

Trapper Haiku #374:

Kippered, peppered steak.
Spicy hunks of seasoned beef,
Makes my mouth water.

Trapper Haiku #422

Before you go fish
Load your tacklebox up with
Man’s favorite bait.

Trapper Haiku #671:

Teriyaki sweet
Beef is my snack of choice for
Lazy Afternoons.


T.O. Trapper's Photo Album
T.O. Trapper's Photo Album

April 05, 2018

So I was digging through some boxes the other day and happened upon an old photo album featuring a few candid shots of your truly.

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Old Trapper Smoked Products Launches Beef Jerky Delivery App, MeatUp
Old Trapper Smoked Products Launches Beef Jerky Delivery App, MeatUp

April 01, 2018

Old Trapper Smoked Products today announced the launch of the world’s first on-demand beef jerky delivery app. Called MeatUp, the new app allows users to order their favorite jerky products, on-demand, and have them delivered to their homes quickly.

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Round and Round it Goes
Round and Round it Goes

March 09, 2018

Whenever I need to make a tough decision, I reach for my trusty hatchet. Why? Because coins are for small children and men who wear striped shirts.

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