So Many Haikus, So Little Time

So Many Haikus, So Little Time

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Trapper Haiku #1:

Long winter nights need
Outlets creative, or,
the Trapper goes insane

Trapper Haiku #24

A flintlock rifle
Powder, bone-dry and coal-black
Are Trapper’s dear friends.

Trapper Haiku #38

Strong pouches forged from
Metal, army strong. Jerky
stays moist and juicy.

Trapper Haiku #42

Old Trapper, Spicy
And Hot Jerky, my mouth burns.
Best paired with water.

Trapper Haiku #73:

A forested home
I share with large, angry cats
Always on the prowl.

Trapper Haiku #87

Pepperoni stick.
Your spice is maddening in
Its deliciousness.

Trapper Haiku #103

Search out the wild place
You find most terrifying
Then, make it your home.

Trapper Haiku #145:

Lean Beef, seasoned and
Smoked over burning, bright coals.
Choose your favorite.

Trapper Haiku #374:

Kippered, peppered steak.
Spicy hunks of seasoned beef,
Makes my mouth water.

Trapper Haiku #422

Before you go fish
Load your tacklebox up with
Man’s favorite bait.

Trapper Haiku #671:

Teriyaki sweet
Beef is my snack of choice for
Lazy Afternoons.