Start Moving: A Movember Must

Hello Friends,

For the entire month of November, I'm donatin' a portion of my online sales to the Movember Foundation, an organization dedicated to improvin' men's health. One of the foundation's cornerstone efforts is to encourage men to get movin' and avoid physical inactivity at all costs. Now this can be a difficult proposition for the best man, what with work, family, and life demands gettin' in the way. But it's of vital importance if we want to live long, happy lives.

A Trapper's Tip

Now I'm not a man who goes around preachin' to other men. At heart, I'm a live and let live kinda guy. But I will humbly offer this simple piece of advice for stayin' fit: find somethin' you love and train for it every day. For this Old Trapper, my somethin' is traversin' the beautiful and wild places in this country.

Worthwhile Effort

So this Movember, I encourage all my followers, friends, and fans (especially the fellas) to get that heart pumpin'. I promise you won't regret it. And while you're busy self-improvin', don't forget to shop in November and help support men's health.

All My Best,

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