Support the Oregon Food Bank - Update

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I've Felt Hunger

Many a day has passed where I've felt the ache of a stomach hollowed by hunger. When you go about trapping your own food, you better reckon on a dry spell our two. It's just part of the deal. But since I've left the wilderness behind and entered this magical world of plenty, my hungry days are no more. Did you know there are outfits some call "grocery stores," where honest proprietors sell nothing but fresh food products? I had occasion to visit a Dari Mart store just a few months back and experienced it for myself. My learnin' still has a ways to go in this regard...

Misfortune is Real

I've found fortune, though, I recognize that. I also understand that not everyone has the means to buy whatever food items they might fancy or to drink whole milk directly from the jug. With that in mind I'm of the mind to try and give a piece of my own fortune back to some in our community who might be feelin' hunger this winter.

Give to the Oregon Food BankOregon Food Bank Donations

In order to help, just a little bit, I'll be donatin' $1.00 of beef jerky to the Oregon Food Bank for every $10.00 sold in my electronic mercantile through January 31st. So far that equals 348 bags of jerky, and I'd delight in donating much much more. So if you've ever thought about buyin' delicious smoked meats online, now is certainly the time to do it.

Good People

I know my readers are generous souls and will leap at the chance to help good people in need. That's why I hold you all in such high regard. Thank you. All My Best, Old Trapper Signature