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#TrapperBeefs No. 42: Selfies

Old Trapper Beefs #42: Selfies The Old Trapper doesn't understand this selfie business. But that shouldn't be surprising. He saw his first camera yesterday. Still, he managed to start a hashtag. H...
Beef Jerky

#TrapperBeefs No. 19: Exaggerators

Hello Friends, I've been privileged, these many years, to spend most of my time in communion with nature. I'm not much for talkin', as some of you may now know, and I appreciate the opportunity to ...

#TrapperBeefs No. 20: Extended Warranties

Old Trapper Beefs #20: Extended Warranties Have you ever run into that guy who seems to care more about selling you a warranty than whatever it is you're buying? That drives The Trapper crazy! He'...