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Beef Jerky

The Beef Jerky Anthology

Hello Friends, As many of you know, I'll take pen to paper when the muse strikes and write a bit of verse. I'm no Byron or Keats but I do believe my passion for smoked meats shines through in my wo...
Beef Jerky

An Open Letter to the American Public Regarding Kale Jerky

Dearest Sir or Madam, First, by way of introduction, allow me to present my bona fides. My name is T.O. Trapper, proprietor of Old Trapper Beef Jerky and Smoked Snacks Inc. headquartered in Forest ...
Beef Jerky

Old Trapper's Oregon Food Bank Donation

Hello Friends, Perhaps you'll recall a dispatch from earlier this year when, as part of my Trapper's Favorite Things giveaway event, I promised to donate beef jerky to the Oregon Food Bank when my ...

#TrapperBeefs No. 6: Road Trip Rookies

Seasons Are Changing Warmer weather is around the corner and so is road trip season. Riding for hours on end with a Road Trip Rookie can make a trip unbearable. So before you set out, make sure you...
Beef Jerky

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Hello Friends, Next week, the Irish and Irish at heart will gather round pints of green beer and plates overflowing with corned beef and cabbage to sing the sad songs of their homeland. It's Saint ...

Conflict Resolution with the Old Trapper

Hello Friends, Now I'm not one normally prone to violence. My motto has always been, 'Live, Let Live, and Eat Jerky." It's right catchy, I know. Many a t-shirt entrepreneur has sought permission to...
Beef Jerky

Valentine's Day, Kisses, and Beef Jerky

Nothing Personal But, you know, sometimes you're just not into it... Forever into beef jerky, tho. All my best,
Beef Jerky

#TrapperBeefs No. 19: Exaggerators

Hello Friends, I've been privileged, these many years, to spend most of my time in communion with nature. I'm not much for talkin', as some of you may now know, and I appreciate the opportunity to ...

Trapper's Favorite Things 3: Redhook Outdoor Adventure Pack #TrapperGifts

Hello Friends, My #TrapperGifts bonanza marches onward this week, unchecked by the passing of the Christmas holiday. At this moment, my gift-giving prowess has nearly surpassed my trapping skills. ...