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8 Things I Learned While Watching The Oscars

1. Science May Not Be My Thing 2. Accessorize Carefully  Old Trapper on Instagram 3. Go With What You Know 4. Spelling is Everything 5. A Great Performance May Not Be Enough  Old Trapper on Y...
friday the 13th

Silly Superstitions

Who Needs Luck? I've always believed a man makes his own luck in this world, and as such, silly things like superstitions are nothing more that stories people tell in the dark. And this isn't idle ...
Beef Jerky

#TrapperBeefs No. 19: Exaggerators

Hello Friends, I've been privileged, these many years, to spend most of my time in communion with nature. I'm not much for talkin', as some of you may now know, and I appreciate the opportunity to ...