Thanks Las Vegas, I Had a Blast

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Hello Friends,

I've just recently returned from a whirlwind visit to the great city of Las Vegas, hawkin' my delicious beef jerky wares at the annual NACS convention and just generally takin' in the sights. I must say, Vegas is impressive. I met so many of my fans and made plenty of new friends. It's enough to make an Old Trapper a little teary eyed as he counts his many blessins'. If you followed my hashtag #VivaLasTrapper on the WorldWide InterWebs, you got a sense of the craziness I experienced. If you did miss my adventures, I'll now share with you a few of my favorite moments:

5. Admirin' a Beard More Lustrous Than My Own

4. Facin' Off Against A Real Cowboy

3. Tryin' My Hand at Spokemodelin'

2. Witnessin' True Beauty

1. Partyin' with the King As you can see, my time was well spent. I can't wait to go back next year.

All My Best,

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