The 12 Days of Giveaways Winners List (Updated)

The 12 Days of Giveaways Winners List (Updated)

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My 12 Days of Giveaways is on Through December 23rd

UPDATE: 12 Days of Giveaways 2019 is now complete. Thanks to everyone who participated! Below you'll find a complete list of winners. If you think you've won one of my daily prizes, please email [email protected].  

For 12 glorious days, I'll be giving away a new awesome prize every single day! You can enter to win each day's prize. Plus, everyone who enters a daily prize giveaway will also be entered to win the grand prize: a Big Beef Box

An Old Trapper Big Beef Box sitting in front of rushing river.

The more daily prizes you enter, the better your chance of winning the grand prize, so check back and enter every single day! You can also improve your chances of winning by following me on social media and sharing this promotion.

Who's Winning All this Beef Jerky?!

Congratulations to our daily winners:

  • Day 1: One Pound of Big Bags — David Robertson
  • Day 2: Two Boxes of Beef N' Cheese — Kenneth Sebby
  • Day 3: Three Boxes of Jumbo Kippered Beef Steak — Steve Sundling
  • Day 4: Four 10oz Beef Jerky Bags — Paula Jacobs
  • Day 5: A Five-Item OId Trapper Swag Pack — Paulette Wyrock
  • Day 6: A Six-Pack Beef Jerky Sampler — Joshua Woolever
  • Day 7: A Package of Original Deli Style Beef Sticks — Karen Dittrich
  • Day 8: A Case of 1/4 Lb Old Fashioned Big Bags — Cheryl Carothers
  • Day 9: A Box of Pepperoni Snack Sticks — Joseph Colwell
  • Day 10: A Jar of Old Fashioned Double Eagles — Joseph Kershenbaum
  • Day 11: An Old Fashioned Sampler Pack — Richard Thomas
  • Day 12: A Big Beef Box Grand Prize — David Emory

Don't forget, through the end of December, I'm also offering free shipping on orders of $100 dollars or more. So shop today