The 5 Best Beef Jerky Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

The 5 Best Beef Jerky Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

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Every time the holiday season rolls around, I find myself pondering the best way to show my regard for the special folks in my life. But what do you get for the meat lover who has everything? More meat, of course. If you’re looking for the best beef jerky gift ideas to show you care, this Old Trapper has a few suggestions.

1. A Spicy Beef Sampler

We all have that person in our life who likes things on the adventurous side. At this point, you’ve probably already worked your way through all the gear they might need for rock climbing, white water rafting, and bear wrestling. So this year, why not get them something that will really get their heart rate up? A selection of the best spicy beef jerky gifts is the perfect gift for those who need fuel on their adventures—or who like to go on a taste adventure right at home. Start by assembling a bag of Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky, Jalapeño Deli-Style Beef Sticks, and the dynamic duo of Jalapeño Beef-N-Cheese Sticks.  

2. A (Beef) Bag of Money

Chocolate coins? That’s so last year. Instead, give the gift of My Double Eagle Beef Jerky coins, delicious, tender beef circles smoked with natural wood the good old-fashioned way. They’re so tasty you’ll wonder if you can use them as currency. And well, in a better world, that might be the case. In this one, they’re still worth their weight in taste.

3. A Beef Bouquet

There’s nothing like a collection of flowers to show your special someone how you feel. But to demonstrate you really care, the clear next step is to give your loved one a beef jerky bouquet. What could be more meaningful than an artistic display of the finest strips of tender, flavorful beef? When it comes to beef jerky gifts for him, this one is the classiest.

4. Deli-Style Beef Sticks

It probably won’t surprise you to hear I’m a big fan of beef jerky. That’s why I dedicated my life to making the juiciest, most flavorful smoked meats for myself and my fellow carnivores to enjoy. But in terms of the best beef jerky gift ideas, I have a particular fondness for my deli-style beef sticks. They’re ready to go whenever you are, so you can eat them on the trail, in the car, or while fighting off a wild yeti. And with the big 15-ounce bag, you can stack them up and play a fun game of beefy Jenga to while away the winter hours.

5. Unlimited (Almost) Beef Jerky

There is an inherent problem when thinking of beef jerky gift ideas: no matter how much beef jerky you give someone, eventually, they will eat it all. That’s why I sell my delicious beef jerky in bulk, so the snacking doesn’t end when the first bag’s finished. Whether you like your jerky tender and traditional, with a slight peppercorn kick, or bursting with savory-sweet teriyaki flavor, there’s a bulk box with your name on it. Get it delivered by messenger hawk, dogsled, or good old reliable Federal Express, depending on local conditions.

Nothing But the Best Beef Jerky Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Folks

Giving someone a gift is just about the nicest thing you can do for someone. And, of course, one of the nicest gifts you can give is top-quality beef jerky. No matter the person or occasion you’re shopping for, I hope you can share the joy of a delicious snack. But be sure to save some for yourself—I promise I won’t tell.