Couple with Old Trapper Beef Jerky at the beach

The 7 Best Snacks for the Beach

On my wanderings through the wilds, there’s one lesson I’ve learned above all others: always come prepared. Whether it’s a three-week camping trip under an oilskin tarp in the rain or a midnight jaunt to the outhouse, I never think of leaving my trapper’s hut without adequate provisions. So when I take a turn from my usual wanderings down the woodland paths and make my way to the coast, you best believe I’m going to make sure I have all the snacks for the beach I need.

1. Fresh Fruit

On a hot day at the beach, there’s little better than some cold, sweet fruits to keep you cool and hydrated. I also enjoy dried fruit as a more portable option—perfect for long treks to a deserted beach where you can lounge and snack in the sun. But then again, fruit gets warm and mushy at the beach, so it might not be everybody’s favorite option. 

2. Tuna Salad

I’m usually a man of the land, myself. I prefer a hearty hunk of dried meat to a fish filet any day. But when I find myself on a sandy vista with the ocean tickling my boots, I won’t say no to a protein-packed snack to fit the ocean theme. Eat it on chips, spread it on bread, or enjoy it on its own—you can’t beat fish when it comes to snacks for the beach. Of course, you don’t want to leave that tuna out for too long when the temperature warms up. Pee-ew! 

3. Popcorn

When it comes to beach picnic food, you want something easy to snack on. And there’s nothing more snackable than a handful of popcorn. Whether you’re buying a bag or roasting dried kernels over an open fire, just make sure the seagulls don’t get to it first. The only downside is that you’ll have to pack a LOT of popcorn because you’ll probably get hungry again soon. 

4. A Harpoon

You know what they always say: teach a trapper to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. With a trusty harpoon and a side of gumption, you can spear enough food to live on the beach for the rest of your earthly days. 

5. Granola

Granola is another great option for portable, healthy, and filling snacks for the beach. These clusters of goodness go great on yogurt, which adds even more essential protein. And, of course, you can mix and match with fresh fruit or other snacks too. Just maybe don’t mix it with the tuna salad. You know what, this all sounds too messy and complicated. Jump ahead if you want to discover the best beach snack of them all. 

6. Beef Jerky

When you’re gathering up the best snacks for the beach, there’s one thing you don’t want to skimp on: protein. You need lots of it to keep your strength up amidst all the swimming, beach volleyball, and fish harpooning you’re up to on your average beach vacation. And when it comes to high-protein snacks, you can’t do better than my top-quality beef jerky. It’s slow-smoked for maximum flavor and tenderness so you can savor every delicious bite. If you’re lying on a beach towel soaking up the sun, make sure you have a bag of Old Trapper’s jerky on hand. 

7. A Fresh Coconut

You haven’t experienced true seaside bliss until you’ve sipped the delicious nectar of a fresh coconut. My first step in any situation is to look at what the wilds can offer. Next time you’re hitting the surf and sands and need some good snacks for the beach, turn a weather eye to the trees and scope out some coconut. Naturally, you’ll have your beachside hunting knife on hand to hack open the top of a coconut in a jiffy. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a refreshing treat with fresh fruit and beef jerky.

I can't recommend hydration enough, that's why all your favorite drinks go with beef jerky, so imbibe them together and keep the best beach trip ever going.