The Beef Jerky Anthology

Hello Friends,

As many of you know, I'll take pen to paper when the muse strikes and write a bit of verse. I'm no Byron or Keats but I do believe my passion for smoked meats shines through in my words. Here, collected for the first time, are my jerky haikus. Read. Discuss. Snack. All My Best, Old Trapper Signature


Old_Trapper_1_HotSpicy_3.25_Front_002Jerky Haiku #42

Old Trapper, Spicy

And Hot Jerky, my mouth burns.

Best paired with water.

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Old_Trapper_1_Teriyaki_3.25_Front_002Jerky Haiku #671:

Teriyaki sweet

Beef is my snack of choice for

Lazy Afternoons.

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Old_Trapper_1_Old_Fashioned_3.25_Front_002Jerky Haiku #229

Three and one quarter

Ounces of smoked beef, divine.

Single serving size.

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Old_Trapper_1_Peppered_3.25_Front_001Jerky Haiku #374:

Peppered steak bits. Those

Spicy hunks of seasoned beef,

Make my mouth water.

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Old_Trapper_Beef_Jerky_6pack_flavorsJerky Haiku #145:

Lean Beef, seasoned and

Smoked over burning, bright coals.

Choose your favorite.

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