The Beef Jerky Subscription

subscriptionHello Friends,

Have you or someone you love ever experienced the heartbreak of no-beef-jerky-itis? This painful condition is brought on by exhausting one's supply of beef jerky and can be accompanied by feelings of despair, frequent bouts of crying, and raging hunger. Every year, over 300 million* Americans suffer needlessly from this chronic condition, but fortunately, there's a simple cure that will keep you and your family safe.

The Beef Jerky Subscription

Working round the clock, my crack team of jerky scientists have developed the Beef Jerky Subscription, an elegant solution to the scourge of no-beef-jerky-itis. When you shop, simply click the "subscribe" button, choose your delivery frequency, and after you checkout, my good people will make sure you're always supplied with your favorite smoked meat product. We're all in this battle together, and with your help, we'll beat no-beef-jerky-itis once and for all.

All My Best,

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