The Beefiest Stocking Stuffers

The Beefiest Stocking Stuffers

Save $32.00 on a Big Beef Box and stuff all those empty stockings

Hello Friends,

Are you still in search of the perfect gift to stuff in all those empty stockings? Well if you buy my Big Beef Box you could knock all that shopping out with one click. It's filled to the brim with 16 bags of 10oz beef jerky and 4 bags of my Deli Style Beef Sticks. And if that's not enough, you'll save $32.00 by buying in bulk. A fella could line a lot of socks with all those beefy treats.

Don't Wait to Order Your Christmas Beef 

Because holiday shipping is busier than a bear den in January, don't wait too long to order. If you'd like your package to arrive in time for the big day, you'd be wise to place your order before December 10th. I promise to send it out via the speediest wagon. So order today, save some of those hard-earned buffalo nickels, and make everyone's holiday just a little beefier.

All My Best,