The Final Four Smoked Snacks

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Hello Friends,

Last week in this here blog space, I presented a method of narrowing one's options in the face of an endless array of delicious smoked meat snacks. Drawn from the science of braketology, this visual tool allows the user to tackle difficult snacking choices one-by-one until the ideal snack is chosen. We originally began with a field of sixteen, narrowed it to eight, and today we've arrived at the final four. Who will be crowned snacking champion? Only time will tell.

The Final Four are Set

Beefy Region

  • Old Fashioned Beef Jerky continues to dominate the smoked meat game and wins this match against the Jalapeño Beef n Cheese duo going away. With the ability to draw on so much tradition, The Old Fashioned is beginning to look like a real contender for the crown.
    • Winner: Old Fashioned Beef Jerky

Tasty Region

  • In perhaps the biggest upset in the round of eight, The Peppered Kippered Steak upset the more exotic Hot & Spicy Jerky. Some called them upstarts, but with this win, the Kippered Steak has staked its claim as a legitimate force in smoked meats.
    • Winner: Peppered Kippered Steak

Smokey Region

  • These two teams are runners so you knew this was going to be a battle of endurance, and with a bench 80 players deep, the Spicy Double Eagle just wore out the 3.25 Teriyaki Beef Jerky. Now Team Teriyaki has already filed a complaint with the MCAA (Meat Consumer Association of America) alleging widespread doping by the Spicy team, but the MCAA ruled the red pepper flakes fall well within league guidelines.
    • Winner: Spicy Double Eagle

Delicious Region

  • Though many believed the Hot One's height would decide this matchup, Trapper's Choice Original Steak was just too strong to be defeated. Must be a result of all that lean protein. Don't worry about The Hot One, tho, word on the street has it declaring for the draft any day now.
    • Winner: The Hot One

Win Free Jerky

You, dear reader, can also be a winner in the #Meat16. Just download your bracket here, choose your ultimate snack champion, and share it to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by March 30th with the tag #Meat16. The first 50 entries that match my winner, will find themselves personally enriched with free beef jerky. Good Luck.

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