The History of Kippered Beef Steak

The History of Kippered Beef Steak

In my wanderings over the years, I’ve picked up a certain piece of wisdom: the modern world loves anything new. But if you’ll allow an old trapper a moment of nostalgia, sometimes the best things come from years of tradition and practice—especially when making high quality meat snacks. It saddens me to think that nowadays, many youngsters have never heard of the glory of kippered meat. So, let me spin you a tale of the smoky marvel of delicious kippered beef steak.

The Kippered Beef Saga

Long before fancy tins and plastic pouches, frontiersmen like me needed a way to preserve their hard-earned meat over the long, cold winters. Back then, salt was a trapper’s best friend. We created tender meat snacks by salting thin slices of beef to preserve them, and then added delicious flavor by smoking those quality cuts of beef over a real wood fire. That way, we could ensure our provisions lasted through the harshest seasons. In the winter, you’d likely find a group of ragged frontiersmen gathered around a fire, telling tales of crafty bears and treacherous mountain passes while enjoying a hearty meal of traditional smoked kippered beef.

As the years rolled on and the frontier expanded, kippered beef soon became a sought-after treat for folks from all walks of life. Though times changed and many forgot the art of creating this flavorful and tender style of meat, I kept honing my skills to create the absolute best kippered beef out there. 

More Than Beef Jerky

Now, let’s be clear, friends. My Kippered Beef Steak is not another type of beef jerky—in fact, it’s not beef jerky at all. You know I’m always harping on about how delicious my Old Trapper beef jerky can be, but make no mistake: kippered beef steak takes that tenderness and flavor to the next level. The difference is that kippered beef steak tends to be thicker than beef jerky, allowing it to stay juicier and more flavorful throughout the smoking process. Overall, kippered beef is the best type of smoked meat out there.

Classic Techniques, Exciting New Flavors

I’m always a fan of doing things the good old-fashioned way, but I also love embracing a new thing or two. To that end, I even make my kippered beef steak in a variety of exciting flavors to tantalize every taste bud.