The Longest Day of the Year

Teriyaki Bag in Summer Sun

Hello Friends,

As most of you may know, June 20th & 21st are the two longest days of the year. If you'll pardon a bit of technical speak, this occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer and the Northern Hemisphere receives the maximum amount of daily sun for an entire calendar year. An event commonly referred to as the Summer Solstice. 

Most of my good North American friends will receive somewhere between 14 & 18 hours of sunlight today. If you're even farther north - like Barrow, Alaska or somewhere in the Frozen Yukon territories - you might have 24 hours of continuous sunlight. Which, to be honest, sounds like my idea of a nightmare.

Make the Most of It

Now I'm not the type to draw special meaning out of celestial occurrences. I've witnessed Halley's Comet come and go more times than I care to remember and it's had not a lick of impact on my life. I'm a firm believer in the notion of the self-made man.

Trapper Standing in Front of Trees

I mention the solstice for no other reason than to remind you to use these extra hours of precious daylight wisely. Try going for a walk, learning a new hobby, or rescuing a puppy from a house fire. It will be December again soon enough and we'll soon crave the warmth of a summer sun. 

Fuel Your Summer Adventures with Beef Jerky

I don't intend to be dispiriting, of course. We do have the whole summer still ahead of us. When you're out doing your summer things, don't forget to bring along the beef jerky. The lean protein packs a nutritional punch that will keep you trucking along for hours at a time. So if you can't rescue that puppy today, don't despair. There will still be plenty of time tomorrow.