The Old Trapper Father's Day Gift Guide

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Hello Friends,

In just a few days, families across America will pause on a sunny summer Sunday to honor the institution of fatherhood. It's a noble undertakin', the raisin' of children, and one not to be taken lightly. Much of what I know about manhood, Trappin', and the beef jerky trade I learned at the knee of my own dearly departed father and I will forever be grateful for those lessons. But what's the best way to honor your dad on a day dedicated solely to him? Why with lavish gifts, of course, and I'm here to help you pick the best.

a proper golf bagA Round of Golf

Personally I've never understood the point of golf. It just seems like a poor excuse to drink durin' the day and wear funny clothes out-of-doors, but I'm told dads do enjoy the sport. So this year, why not buy your dad a round at your local country club and see that he enjoys a day out in the sun. Just make sure he doesn't overdo it before the break at the 9th.

Fishing EssentialsFishing Gear

Now here's a pastime I do relish my own self. There's nothin' quite like the primal struggle between man and fish once that hook is set. And I'm not afraid to say that nothin' tastes quite as good as a piece of fresh-fried fish that only minutes before had been swimmin' about without a care in the world (except of course for this). Anyway... I bet your daddy would enjoy a new fishin' pole or tackle box so he'll be well outfitted for his next battle with nature.

The only tool you needNew Tools

For better or worse, every dad aspires to be the family handyman. To protect your father's tender pride I suggest not criticizin' or questionin' his methods as he seeks to repair whatever household item might be broke, no matter what catastrophe you see comin' down the road at a million miles per hour. Preserve your dear father's dignity by goin' along with whatever plan he has for that corroded piece of pipe or frayed electrical wire. So with that in mind, why not buy him a new rubber mallet, or a very very small screwdriver. You know, something that won't cause too much damage.

If All Else Fails, Say 'Thank You' With Beef

If none of my humble suggestions inspire your gift-givin' fancy, theres' always the one gift guaranteed to please: delicious beef jerky. Even if you don't know your old man's taste preference, you're in luck because we've packaged all our beef jerky flavors together into the Old Trapper Six Pack Sampler. So why not visit our online mercantile today, and say 'thank you' with a six pack your dad won't soon forget.

All My Best,

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