The Perfect Green Salad in 5 Easy Steps

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Hello Friends,

I'm known by many to be something of a gourmand and snack food pioneer. In past posts, I've shared my gastronomical knowledge by offering a few favorite pairings for each of my beef jerky flavors, and today I'd like to expand your culinary boundaries further by offering my 5 steps to the perfect green salad:
  1. Gather Your Ingredients: As is always the case, fresh is best, and if you can afford it, go organic. I prefer to use green leaf lettuce as a base with a bit of red cabbage mixed in for some color TrapperJerkyvariety. Then pick a nice cucumber, and one large tomato. But here's the really fun part: there's no wrong way to make a green salad, so if you have other favorite veggies, go crazy!
  2. Wash Thoroughly and Chop: Since your ingredients are raw, it's especially important to pay attention to the washing process. Make sure your veggies are completely clean of all dirt and debris and then chop them all into small pieces.
  3. Mix Completely: Combine all your washed and chopped veggies into a large bowl and use tongs to thoroughly mix your salad.
  4. Throw in Garbage: That's right. Find the nearest trash can and throw that salad away. Immediately. You're a carnivore and salads are food for little tiny forest creatures. You're not a little tiny forest creature, are you?
  5. Eat Beef Jerky: Remove your favorite package of Old Trapper beef jerky from its hiding place and devour the entire bag, preferably while watching a sporting event. Repeat until full.
There you have it, my friends. The perfect green salad is the one you never eat. Give in to your carnivorous nature and feast on some Old Trapper Beef Jerky today.

All My Best,

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