The Trapper's in Eugene on Sunday!

Hello Friends,

If you haven't yet heard the news, I'll once again be emergin' from the wilderness this Sunday, August 16th, to honor the good folks at Dari Mart on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary as a local purveyor of convenience goods. I'll be holdin' court at the Old Trapper booth, shakin' hands and kissin' babies like some kind of beef jerky politician, only there's no doubt this is one pol you can trust with your life (and your wallet). I'll also be acceptin' all challengers in corn hole, the ancient contest of nerves. In this instance, instead of playing with non-delicious bean bags, we'll be tossin' real bags of my scrumptious beef jerky. Winners (though due to my skill, these may be few and far between) will be awarded prizes beyond their wildest dreams. You know, t-shirts and the like. Anyhow, if you find yourself near Eugene, Oregon this Sunday, stop by and say hello. I'd love to shake your hand and talk a little about federal monetary policy as it relates to the economics of beef jerky.

All My Best,

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