This Weekend... Free Hat with Purchase!

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Hello Friends,

Though on most occasions I tend to favor my buckskins, I've still managed to develop a reputation as a fashion icon whose unique style has inspired a generation. I take this responsibility seriously and that's why I only affix my well-known logo to clothing items of the highest quality. That tradition continues with the debut of the Old Trapper camouflage hat. This time, the red in my logo has been changed to what hunters call "safety orange". Because I believe in safety out there! It's a limited edition - so don't miss out!

Yours for Free

Because I love you all so very much, I'm giving away these hats for free before they're even available for purchase. This weekend from midnight on Friday, October 23rd through midnight on Sunday, October 25th, spend $40.00 or more at our online store, leave your e-mail address, and we'll send your free hat. It couldn't be simpler. So shop this weekend for delicious beef jerky and get your free hat. Your mouth and head will thank you.

All My Best,

Old Trapper Signature