Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Despite his recent personal success, T.O. Trapper will never forget his hardscrabble early years and the tools he used everyday.

Hello Friends,

Over the past few years, the fame I've found as the official spokestrapper for The World's Best Beef Jerky has brought with it a few luxuries. I frequently enjoy THREE meals in one day, take semi-regular baths, and have access to a never-ending supply of tasty jerky treats.

Now before you dismiss me as some kind of out-of-touch one-percenter, let me remind you that this good-fortune has only come very recently. Before that I spent much of my life surviving in the wild, tending to my trap lines, and fending off aggressive cougars. 

It wasn't easy. Sometimes it was downright impossible. But those years did instill in me an appreciation for the working man's life and no matter how many meals I eat a day, that's just something I'll never loose.

The Right Tools for the Right Job

Now every worker knows how important their tools are. Carpenters can't work without hammers and mechanics can't work without wrenches. Trappers too have their own set of tools they can't just live without.


Tool #1: A Sharp Hatchet 

Blades are an important part of wilderness living and a good hatchet may be the most important blade of them all. You can do just about anything with this versatile tool from cutting down a tree, skinning a bear, or intimidating your competition. Just make sure yours is razor sharp.

Tool #2: A Musket

As god is my witness I've NEVER fired a gun at another man in anger. I guess I've been fortunate in that regard. But with that being said a reliable musket is a must-have for extended wilderness living. I use mine to mostly hunt large game and fowl and occasionally to scare off a curious carnivore. They do come in handy that way.

Tool #3: A Sturdy Leather Bag

Now maybe a bag isn't a tool in the strictest sense of the world, but I could live without my own possibles bag. In it I keep my most valued treasures and it's sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Find the right one for your needs and I guarantee it will soon become your best friend.

I'll Never Change

It's my promise to you that no matter how much fame I happen to find, I'll never forget my hard-working brethren who use their favorite tools everyday.

All My Best,