Trapper Pairings: Barbecue

July 03, 2015

What with this extended run of exceptionally warm weather and the three-day holiday weekend, I imagine y'all have been enjoyin' some extended time out-of-doors and cookin' a few of your meals over an open flame. Good for you! Over on my Twitter dot com, I'd hashtag that kind of behavior as #TrapperApproved. With all those outside, holiday good times in mind, it seems like a great time to explore another Trapper Perfect Pairin'. You'll recall I've set out to help you live your best Beef Jerky life by suggestin' the perfect accompaniments to my delicious roster of jerky flavors. It's my humble attempt to make the already enjoyable process of devourin' smoked meat, even more enjoyable. Some say it's impossible. I don't believe in the impossible. Last time we examined the exotic taste of our Chipotle flavor, and this week, of course, we look at Barbecue.

Flavor Profile: Barbecue

To create the unique tangy flavor of my Barbecue Beef Jerky, I cure thick cuts of real steak in vinegar and brown sugar, then season and smoke them with real wood in my smokehouses. The result is a taste reminiscent of real Memphis barbecue that can be carried around in your pocket without makin' an all-fire mess.

Perfect Food Pairing: More Barbecue

Let's be honest, the only thing better than barbecue is additional barbecue. So why not pair my jerky with a slow-roasted beef brisket or side of baby back ribs. Heck, maybe throw a pork shoulder on the grill or a duck stuffed inside a chicken stuffed inside a turkey stuffed inside a water buffalo (that's called a turduckenuffalo, BTW...). No matter what you cook up, as long as it's charred and smoked, you're all set.

Perfect Beverage Pairing: Cold Beer

It's hot outside and nothin' tastes better on a hot day than an ice-cold glass of beer. I'd suggest somethin' light like a kolsch or a lager but if you're man enough to throw back a stout on a 100 degree day, who am I to stand in your way. In fact, I'd call that #TrapperApproved. 4th of July-0257

Perfect Activity Pairing: Fireworks

The perfect capstone to all this smoked meat and cold beer would, of course, be loud explosions. Now I always recommend followin' the laws of your home constabulary when it comes to portable explosives because I'm fairly certain it's hard to obtain beef jerky in prison, so once you've verified the legalities surrounding your fireworks, I say light 'em up. Just stand well away from the flame when you do. To purchase my Barbecue flavor beef jerky or any other of my smoked meat products, visit my online mercantile. Shipping is only $7, no matter how much you buy.

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