Trapper Pairings: Chipotle

Hello Friends,

As a highly recognizable public Trapper, I'm oft approached by fans and loyal customers as I'm out amongst the American People. These interactions are always flatterin' to man who's mostly content wanderin' alone in the wildest parts of our forests and mountains. Most ask for my autograph. A few are seekin' advice for a pressin' personal dilemma. More than a few have inquired as to the state of my romantic proclivities. And every once in a great while, a truth-seeker finds me and asks the question that's eluded so many before him. He'll ask, "Trapper, how do I get even more enjoyment our of eatin' the World's Best Beef Jerky?" Whenever I hear this question, I always smile because I know I'm in the presence of a truly enlightened soul. So in the interest of fosterin' maximum beef jerky enjoyment, I will offer the perfect pairin' for each of my beef jerky flavors. These pairings will consist of one additional food item, a beverage, and an activity. If you follow my advice, and I can think of no reason why you wouldn't, you'll will be livin' your best beef jerky life. Let's begin with Chipotle.

Flavor Profile: Chipotle

This wicked little mister combines smoky, fire-roasted red peppers with sweet brown sugar and a hint of tart lime juice. The resultin' spice takes my tender, lean strips of beef to the next level of deliciousness.

Perfect Food Pairing: Roasted Corn

To keep true with its southwest flavor, I recommend combinin' your Chipotle Beef Jerky with a few ears of freshly roasted corn. It's easy to prepare and mighty tasty to boot. Be careful you don't burn your fingers!

Perfect Beverage Pairing: Jarritos Mandarin Soda

A perfect pairin' might occasionally challenge the pallet but this week's beverage seeks to quell the fire brought on by the chipotle spice and roasted corn. Nothin' does this better than an ice-cold bottle of orange soda. I recommend Jarritos for that authentic, south-of-the-border flavor.

Perfect Activity Pairing: Lion Taming

The Chipotle spice is all about facing life head-on, without reservation or fear. To take full advantage of all this flavor has to offer, I recommend pairin' it with one shot adrenaline and one shot pure terror. So take bullwhip and chair in hand and say hello to Simba for me. He's really a sweet boy when you get to know him. To stock up on my Chipotle flavored beef jerky, visit my online store.

 All my Best,

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