Trapper Pairings: Hot & Spicy

Old_Trapper_1_HotSpicy_3.25_Front_002Hello Friends,

As you know, it's been my business of late, to help my faithful customers live their best beef jerky life by offerin' pairin' suggestions for each delicious Old Trapper flavor. First it was Chipotle, then it was Barbecue, and today it's Hot & Spicy.  Now in the interest of full disclosure, Hot & Spicy is personally my favorite beef jerky flavor. As a Trapper, and man of the earth, I respect my food more when it puts up a fight and nothin' fights quite as hard as my Hot & Spicy. Nevertheless I will endeavor to remain impartial in my recommendations and encourage you all to make your own informed decisions.

Flavor Profile: Hot & Spicy

I season my already delicious wood-smoked jerky with spicy red pepper flakes and suddenly, that familiar savory-sweet flavor kicks you in the rear. But, it's the kind of pain that keeps you coming back for more. Lucky for you, we stock this one in a 10oz package.

Perfect Food Pairing: Gazpacho

What's Gazpacho, you ask? Well, sir, it's a vegetable soup of Spanish origin traditionally served ICE COLD. I can think of nothin' better to chase away a five-alarm mouth fire than a bowl of cold soup. Plus folks, it's delicious. I should know. lived in Spain for a few years back in the 70's.... The 1770's.

Perfect Beverage Pairing: Glacier Water

Ice water is perfectly acceptable in normal gastronomical situations, such as snacking or brunch, but when it comes to Hot & Spicy Old Trapper Beef Jerky, only melted water harvested directly from ancient Greenland glaciers will be cool enough to salve your palate. So when you visit, bring your own bottle. I hear it's lovely this time of year.

Perfect Activity Pairing: MEETING THE OLD TRAPPER IN PERSON!!!ElkX_Instagram_NoBtn

Here is where I'll place a purely self-serving item asking you all to visit me as I take up temporary residence at the 2015 Elk Extravaganza held at Archers Afield in Tigard, Oregon on Saturday August 1st for 9am-2. I will have bags of Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky in my possession and if I deem you worthy, you may just leave with a free bag of your own. And let's be honest, is there a better way to enjoy beef jerky than with yours truly? I think not.    

All My Best

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