Trapper Pairings: Old Fashioned

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Hello Friends,

On four previous occasions, I've shared my expert suggestions for pairings meant to enhance the experience of eating each of my beef jerky flavors. Today I will complete the cycle and bring your enjoyment of my original Old Fashioned flavor into perfect harmony with the natural world. Again, I expect no payment. I simply want each of my fans to be living their best beef jerky life.

Flavor Profile: Old Fashioned Beef Jerky

This is the flavor that launched the Old Trapper legend. These lean cuts of real steak are seasoned to perfection, sweetened by a touch of brown sugar, and smoked using real wood in my smokehouses. The result is a tender piece of jerky that's guaranteed to be the best you've ever tasted.

Perfect Food Pairing: Apple Pie

This flavor is a classic. No frills, no bells and whistles, no gimmicks. Just plain old delicious beef. And if Old_Trapper_1_Old_Fashioned_3.25_Front_002there's one thing more classic than my original flavor, it's delicious apple pie. Now admit it, if someone (an obvious saint) were to place in front of you a warm slice of apple pie and a big pile of Old Fashioned jerky, you'd likely give them naming rights for your firstborn child. And who would blame you?

Perfect Beverage Pairing: An Old Fashioned

Maybe I'm oversimplifying this whole thing, but the idea of pairing my Old Fashioned Beef Jerky with one of the all-time classic cocktails just makes too much sense. The smokey flavor of bourbon paired with the sweetness of a sugar cube is but a liquid imitation of my precious jerky recipe. In fact a lesser man might consider bringing a trademark infringement action against the creator of the Old Fashioned, but fortunately for him, I am not a lesser man.

Perfect Activity Pairing: Becoming a Legend in Your Own Time

Now admittedly, this may be a difficult task for the ordinary person to hack, but if you can find a way, I would highly recommend it. Nothing quite matches the feeling of being known by strangers far and wide, having heads of state seek your guidance in matters of global impact, or being ushered to the front of the line at a busy IKEA. Now I'm still a simple man, with simple needs, and while I live inside this whirlwind I'll continue to make the most of it with my trusty bag of Old Fashioned always by my side.

All My Best,

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