Trapper Pairings: Peppered

Hello Friends,

I'm often asked, "Mr. Old Trapper, how did you become the world's greatest maker and purveyor of beef jerky and other related smoked snacks?" Okay, maybe they don't ask me that verbatim, but you get the idea. Everyone wants to know how I, a humble woodsman, rose to the top of the jerky game. I wish I could credit my vast book learning or say I possessed some supernatural sense for business, but really, it all comes down to practice. Heck, there were years when I ate beef jerky morning, noon, and night, because when it's twenty below, and you're hundreds miles from anywhere, you're dining choices are limited. As such, I've become something of a beef jerky sommelier, able to provide jerky lovers across the globe with perfect pairings for each of my beef jerky flavors. My one goal is to see everyone living their best beef jerky life, so today I offer the perfect pairing for my Peppered Beef Jerky.

Flavor Profile: Peppered Beef Jerky

When you go to restaurants, are you embarrassed by how long you make the waiter grind fresh pepper onto your meal? If so, this is your flavor. It’s seasoned with my own mix of spices and generous amounts of fresh black pepper, then smoked with real wood in my smokehouses until each piece is tender and juicy. But fair warning: when you bite into this peppered jerky, it might bite you back.

pepperedPerfect Food Pairing:  Scrambled Eggs

This is no joke. Most mornings I rise with the roosters, crack a few dozen eggs and devour them alongside a 10oz bag of peppered. The protein hit makes me feel invincible and the way the pepper's bite contrasts with the soft, buttery eggs is near poetry. If you're still skeptical, just remember, I'm something of a visionary.

Perfect Beverage Pairing: Red Wine

Now I'm not much for alcohol, because a man in my position is first-and-foremost a role-model for all those young trappers out there, but I have been known to indulge in a sip or two of the vino. There's real chunks of cracked black pepper on my peppered jerky and when you take a bite, your mouth feels the heat. Nothing cools it down and enhances the earthiness of the spice quite like a velvety red wine. Just remember the phrase In Vino Veritas, and indulge only with those you trust.

Perfect Activity Pairing: Reading the Classics

Because eating my peppered jerky can be an all-consuming experience, I find it best to limit my movement while snacking and instead focus my energy on expanding my mind through a little light reading. You know - Wendell Berry, Henry David Thoreau, Jack London, Jackie Collins - the greats. I hope you'll find my expertise and suggestions useful and that you'll only enjoy your beef jerky more. Until we talk again, happy snacking.

All My Best,

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