T.O. Trapper's Photo Album

T.O. Trapper's Photo Album

So I was digging through some boxes the other day and happened upon an old photo album featuring a few candid shots of your truly. And seeing as how this blog space is focused on highlighting the Old Trapper lifestyle, it seemed appropriate to share a few of them here. 

Tickling the Ivory

Here's a shot of my playing piano in one of my favorite watering holes located somewhere in eastern Oregon or Western Idaho (formal borders were still a little hazy in those days). My favorite tunes included the music of Stephen Foster and the sound of two sticks banging together. 

Farmer Trapper

Here I am preparing to till my beef fields in a vintage Harrison Machine Works steam tractor. Little known fact: beef fields must be tilled in the late evening in order to maximize the soil's precious flavor nutrients. 

Thirsty Guy

Here's a shot of me sucking down water after snacking on a bit of my peppered beef jerky. Now that I think of it, this picture could have been taken yesterday for all I know. Same clothes, same hat, same jerky. Who knows?


More to Come

That's it for now, but there'll be plenty more photos to come. Until then, take a minute look at the beautiful photography at my online beef jerky mercantile. WARNING: These images may be hunger-inducing in some viewers.