Trapper To Do Lists

Technology is a Blessin'

I'm mighty busy nowadays what with the beef jerky business in full swing and me bein' a full-blown celebrity slash cultural phenomenon. With so many responsibilities pressin' down on my fur-capped head it's a wonder I'm able to get anythin' done at all. Luckily I'm surrounded by good people and as soon as things started lookin' crazy for me, my assistant Marsha bought me one of them newfangled smartphones. I don't use it for much other than takin' pretty photos of this beautiful country of ours and for playin' the occasional game of Candy Crush. But I have also found it useful in creatin' simple to-do lists that help organize my jumbled comin's and goin's. Observe: IMG_1332Trapper_ToDoToDoList                 (I do really need to get around to that Declaration of Independence...) Organization can be tricky, especially when your a busy son-of-a-gun but with the help of technology, you can remember to buy that grad gift for your nephew, even if you know he won't really appreciate it. All My Best, Old Trapper Signature