#TrapperBeefs No. 19: Exaggerators

Hello Friends,

I've been privileged, these many years, to spend most of my time in communion with nature. I'm not much for talkin', as some of you may now know, and I appreciate the opportunity to explore the deepest recesses of my own mind. There's a lot going on in there, I assure you.
I'm not much for talkin', as some of you may now know...
Despite my love of solitude, I do get lonely from time-to-time and appreciate the company of other humans, for if nothing else, they remind me that I too am human. But there's one type of person I just cannot stomach: exaggerators.


We all know him (or her) as someone who just cannot be content with themselves and find it impossible not to overstate their own accomplishments. If there's one thing the Old Trapper stands for above all else, it's authenticity (and beef jerky, of course). My advice when dealing with the exaggerator is to greet their obvious overstatements with a bemused smile and go about being yourself, because I have no doubt you're doing it very, very well. All My Best, Old Trapper Signature