Trapper's Best Friend

Trapper's Best Friend


If you were to judge me strictly by appearances (which I'm sure none of you would do) it would be easy to mistake my silence for something sinister. But I assure you, I'm neither gruff nor stern. In fact, I'm actually something of a softie, especially when it comes to man's best friend. 

Dogs Are the Best

Like gravity, or the laws of thermodynamics, the fact that dogs are the best is indisputable. Let's examine the evidence:

  • Loyal to the end ✔️
  • Carnivores ✔️
  • Furry & Cute ✔️
  • Excellent judges of character ✔️ 
Seriously, how many humans do you know that match these characteristics?

New Buddy

I've enjoyed the company of many dogs over the years and I've loved them all in different ways. But just last year I met my most recent good buddy, and I must say, he's the best yet. After Beef Jerky VI passed on some years back, I decided to try something new, so I named this very good boy Meatloaf after my second favorite food. I think it suits him.

Watch for Us in the Woods

While he's still a pup and has a lot of learning left to do, I think Meatloaf is coming along quite fine. If you'll be out in the country's wildest places this winter, keep an eye out for Meatloaf and I. He'll never be too far from my side.

All My Best,