Trapper's Favorite Things 2: Jerky Prize Pack #TrapperGifts


Hello Friends,

In my recent travels I happened upon an old friend who I hadn't seen in a dog's age: Jolly Old Saint Nick. Now Nick is a gentleman of the highest order, generous and kind, but he's plagued with the compunction to accept any wager, no matter who's offering terms (If you chance to meet Santa, ask where Rudolph is these days. The answer may surprise you). Anyway... I couldn't resist challenging that old elf to a simple feat of strength. If I lost,Santa would win a lifetime supply of Beef Jerky, which would have immediately thrown me into debtors prison, his bowl full of jelly belly being what it is. And if I were to prevail, Santa had to bestow his gift-giving powers on me this year.

Sweet Victory and Beef Jerky

Mega_PrizePack_01My triumph secured, I've now set out to shower the world with my #TrapperGifts. Last week it was a beautiful set of blades from Gerber. This week my gift is a supply of smoked meat that would make even Teddy Roosevelt blush. Just share this post using the social buttons below with the hashtag #TrapperGifts and you'll be entered to win: Folks, that's enough beef jerky to fund a revolution (though I know you all would use your new found power for good) and all that's required of you to enter is to push one of those little buttons at the bottom of this post. I can feel Santa's powers coursing through me.

In Closing

Having vanquished Santa, I'm using the powers I've acquired to anoint all my digital friends with extravagant gifts, and an embarrassment of delicious smoked meat. Share this post with your friends, tag it #TrapperGifts, and you could win it all for yourself. And keep your eagle eyes peeled next week for another chance to win a brand new #TrapperGift. All My Best, Old Trapper Signature