Trapper's Favorite Things 3: Redhook Outdoor Adventure Pack #TrapperGifts

Hello Friends,

TrappersFavoriteThingsMy #TrapperGifts bonanza marches onward this week, unchecked by the passing of the Christmas holiday. At this moment, my gift-giving prowess has nearly surpassed my trapping skills. Nearly.
This is the easiest contest you'll ever enter. I'm not a complicated person.

Malted Hops & Barley

Red Hook Givaway-2482After giving away a Gerber Gear prize and Huge Jerky haul the last two weeks, I've decided that there's still more to give! I speak... I speak often of my love for smoked meat, it's a passion I dare not hide from the world. I speak less often of my love for delicious craft brew, however, though that time has now come. Nothing brings a smile to this grizzled face quite like a frosty mug of bitter beer. My compatriots at Redhook brew better than most, and I'm proud to offer my beloved readers an exclusive Redhook Outdoor Adventure Pack in their honor. The pack includes:
  • A Victorinox backpack
  • A Hammer bottle opener
  • A Tailgating chair
  • A Redhook logo water bottle
  • A coleman 48qt cooler
  • A Long Hammer 16oz can Koozie
  • A Redhook ESB Retro Koozie
All you must do to enter this generous giveaway is share the post using the buttons below and include the hashtag #TrapperGifts.

The Jerky 6-Pack Plus

The Redhook bounty alone would be sufficient cause to drive rival kingdoms to war, but still I find myself wanting to give more. This week's winner will also receive an Old Trapper Beef Jerky 6-Pack Plus consisting of one 3.25oz bag of all six of our original flavors and a package of our Original and Teriyaki Trapper's Choice Flavor. That's eight bags if you're keeping tally, and I hope you are. 6Pack-plus-TC_01

In Closing

Next week a new gift will be revealed, so continue to watch my Trapper Log diligently. However, this giving spree won't last forever, gentle readers. You must act quickly to stake your claim to my #TrapperGifts. Share this post and you'll be entered to win. I'd love to give it to you. No you. On the left. You. Definitely you. All My Best, Old Trapper Signature