Trapper's Favorite Things 4: Redhook Branded Lib Tech Snowboard #TrapperGifts

TrappersFavoriteThingsHello Friends,

Now old Tom Sims claimed to be the inventor of the snowboard, and I reckon he had reason to rightfully believe that to be the truth. Little did the honorable Mr. Sims know, I'd been carving the slopes for decades prior. One late January day, many years ago, I found myself high in the Blue Mountains checking a string of traps, when suddenly, a cornice some thousand feet above me broke loose with a crash. I knew this could be the start of a deadly avalanche and I'd have little time to move to safety. Just as I was about to be overtaken by the onrushing snow, I noticed a flat piece of tree bark protruding from a snowbank. Without a second thought, I grabbed the bark, placed it underneath my booted feet, and with a quick kick, slid down the mountain to safety. Only by the grace of god, and that piece of rugged timber was I able to escape certain doom that day. Little did I know I'd be the start of a sporting revolution...
Entering is easy! Just share this post using the buttons below with #TrapperGifts and you could win a Redhook branded Lib Tech snowboard. See, easy!  

My Gift to You

Snowboard_PrizePack_01In honor of that fateful day, I'd like to present one of you with a very special #TrapperGifts. Simply share this post using the buttons below and you'll be entered to win a beautiful Redhook branded Lib Tech snowboard, a premium brand among enthusiasts. With this top-notch piece of equipment, you'll be able to outrun even the most deadly avalanche with style and grace (Editors Note: outrunning avalanches is not a recommended activity for non-Trapper individuals).

More Gifts!

Not only will you win a snowboard, but you'll also receive an Old Trapper 6 pack +, consisting of 6 3.25 oz bags of each of our beef jerky flavors AND two packages of our Trapper's Choice steak. The lucky winner will get to take a taste tour of the entire Old Trapper Beef Jerky catalogue. Truly fortunate...

Share and Win

All that's required of to be entered, my dear readers, is to share this post using the buttons below and use #TrapperGifts. It couldn't be more easy. My generosity is just an indication of how much The Trapper loves you all. Until next week... All my best, Old Trapper Signature