Trapper's Favorite Things: The Oregon Food Bank

Hello Friends,

Of late, I find myself in a sentimental disposition. Maybe it's the season. Maybe it's the rain. Maybe I really am turning into an OLD Trapper. Whatever the cause, my thoughts turn to my childhood and the family that raised me up to be a stout and hearty man. We were fortunate then. There were lean years, but there was always food on the table. Now I understand that isn't always the case and the thought of my friends and neighbors going without a meal makes me want to cry. And I wonder, isn't there something that can be done?

Something Can Be Done

Oregon Food Bank LogoFortunately I am the spokestrapper at a local smoked snack company and I hold some sway with the owners. So from now until January 31st, for every $10 of product purchased in the Old Trapper electronic trading post, I'll donate $1.00 of our delicious beef jerky to the Oregon Food Bank so that hungry folks in our backyard can have just a little more to eat this winter. Of course if you're not a beef jerky fan (though I'm suspicious of you from the jump), the food bank will also gladly accept your generous donations. So Trapper fans, buy some beef jerky this month and help hungry folks at the same time. I can think of no nobler a cause. All my best, Old Trapper Signature