Trick or Trapper this Halloween

Hello Friends,

Where I come from, Halloween isn't much more than another cold day in October. When you spend most of your time scrougin' for your next meal, there just isn't much point in goin' door-to-door askin' your neighbors for free sweets, because they likely don't have any to share. And if you were fool enough to dress up in a scary outfit at the same time, well son, you were likely to get the business end of a scattergun shoved in your face.

Different Times

But things are different now, and Halloween has become a hallowed tradition in these United States. I've done my best to take part in the fun, and luckily my natural state of dress allows me to fit right in when the youngsters come knockin'. I do draw the line at sweets, however. Instead, every child that comes knockin' on this trapper's door receives their very own bag of my delicious beef jerky. Observe:

Try it Yourself

I encourage all my friends out there to do the same. The .09oz bag is perfect for the kids and is a welcome change from the sugary mess they're infected with every October 31st. Plus, you'll instantly become the most popular house on the blog, and I think we can all agree that's what really matters.

All My Best

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