Urban Living with The Old Trapper

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Hello Friends,

Have any of y'all ventured into the city as of late? Business recently called for me to travel from my forest home into the beatin' heart of the metropolis known as Portland, Oregon and I was amazed by what I found. Buildings so tall they blocked out the sun, thousands of cars chasin' each other through the streets, and more people crowded into one place than I've ever seen in my admittedly long life. You may be surprised to know that before I retreated into the cavernous maw of the wilderness, I spent some time livin' the city life. For nearly ten years I resided in the artisan district of large community just outside present day St Louis, Missouri. I still remember those days with a fondness borderin' on sentimentality. I was so young and the world was filled with possibilities. It was there I learned the ancient art of smokin' and curin' meat under the guidance of one of the last true master jerky craftsmen.  It's a trade that's served me to this very day. But like all good things, my time in the city ended and I retreated into the unpopulated wilds to ponder life's mysteries and commune with all that's natural. Now I take great pleasure in emerging from my isolation every so often to check in on urban life, witness humanities amazing accomplishments, and be reminded of a life I lived so long ago. All My Best, Old Trapper Signature