What Are the Best Beef Stick Flavors?

  • by T.O. Trapper
  • 3 min read

Good question! The obvious answer is all of them. But I know that’s not particularly helpful. Typically, when someone asks what the best beef stick flavors are, I simply say, “whatever flavor you like the most.” You see, not too long ago, I offered only one type of my deli-style beef sticks. Sensing the snacking public wanted more,I introduced two brand-new deli-style beef stick flavors and gave my fans a new way to experience something they already loved. Now, beef stick snackers can enjoy something a little spicy and something a little sweet in addition to the original flavor that started it all. What else can I say? Who am I kidding… I have a lot more to say.

Teriyaki Beef Sticks: Sweet and Savory

Now teriyaki is one of my most popular flavors regardless of the snack, so it seemed only natural to add this savory-sweet flavor to my deli-style beef sticks. Hungry snackers can grab one of my15oz Teriyaki Deli-Style Beef Sticks bags from their favorite grocery or convenience store and have a handful of deliciousness nearby whenever they need it.   

A package of Old Trapper Teriyaki deli-style beef sticks

I don’t go to the gym (good genes and getting plenty of outdoor living reps), but if I did, I’d throw a package of these teriyaki beef sticks in my backpack for a quick protein hit. My beef jerky empire also keeps me out of my office, but if I were punching keys all day, I’d keep a bag stashed in my desk drawer for those moments when emergency hunger strikes and lunchtime is still several hours away. Basically, this is the perfect snack, which might make it the best beef stick flavor of them all. 

Jalapeño Beef Sticks: The Spice Keeps Snacking Interesting

Maybe you’re not so much into the sweet snacks. I understand! Having spent much of my formative years wandering about the wildest places of this great country, I only recently discovered sugar myself. While chocolate does have something to offer, I will almost always choose a more savory snack over sweeter options.

a bag of Old Trapper Jalapeno deli-style beef sticks

My brand newJalapeño Deli-Style Beef Sticks offer a spicy punch with zero added sugar for those sweet-conscious snackers out there. Plus, the handy resealable bag will keep these jalapeño sticks fresh for days and days―even though they probably won’t last that long. All these factors combined make jalapeño the best beef stick flavor by far. 

Original Deli-Style Beef Sticks: The First Remains the Best

Of course, there are plenty of people out there who prefer the classics. They’ll opt for old movies over superhero blockbusters, muscle cars over those fancy electrics, and a diet of meat and potatoes over veganism all day long. To those people, I offer a simple tip of my coyote-fur hat. You’re the reason why my original smoked meat snacks have become a nationwide sensation. You’re the reason why I remain committed to perfecting these simple flavors. In the words of the immortal sporting agent Jerry McGuire, you complete me. 

A bag of Old Trapper original deli-style beef sticks

My Original Deli-Style Beef Sticks come in the same 15oz resealable package as my Teriyaki and Jalapeño products, but with a more tried-and-true flavor profile. The rich smokiness combines with my unique spice blend to produce a taste other snacks just can’t match. Obviously, my original is the best beef stick flavor out there. 

Honestly, Who Could Choose Only One?

If you’ve read up to this point, it’s abundantly clear that I cannot render an objective opinion regarding the best beef stick flavor. Like any proud father, I believe these three snacks are all perfect, and I love them equally for their own unique reason. So, when someone asks me to choose the best beef stick flavor, I say only this: it doesn’t matter whether you buy original, jalapeño, or teriyaki flavor. You can’t go wrong as long as you’re snacking on Old Trapper Deli-Style Beef Sticks.