Why is beef jerky so good? The Old Trapper thinks he knows while pondering as he enjoys a piece of Old Trapper Beef Jerky.

Why is Beef Jerky So Good?

If you’re anything like me, you might find yourself occasionally staring off into space, pondering that age-old question. No, it’s not “what is the meaning of life,” though I have a few thoughts on that topic as well. Instead, the question I’m referring to is, “why is beef jerky so good?” 

Old Trapper shrugging in bewilderment

For generations, the philosophers, intellectuals, and great thinkers of their times all wrestled with this, perhaps, unanswerable question. You may as well ask, “why does it feel so wonderful to be loved” or “what is the nature of friendship?” I suppose what I’m trying to say is that this question may be one best left for the poets. However, considering that I am neither a poet nor an intellectual, I will do my best to offer a, no doubt, imperfect answer.

Why is Beef Jerky so Good? It’s Evolution. 

Perhaps one reason why beef jerky is so good is that it triggers our more primal instincts. It’s easy to choose a vegan lifestyle in a world of food abundance. But in the early days, humans survived by eating the food they hunted and gathered. And the jackpot was a prime source of protein.

Fortunately, most of us don’t have to live a hunter & gatherer lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean there’s not still something satisfying about gnawing your way through a flavorful, lean cut of beef. It reminds us that if only the strong survive, then we must be doing okay.

Why is Beef Jerky so Good? It Takes Work.

In the same way that lean protein connects to our more primal selves, snacking on dried meat is rewarding. This isn’t a snack for the faint of heart or for those who prefer sugary treats. Instead, each handful of beef jerky is a snack that must be respected. Focus, chew, repeat. Focus, chew, repeat. Focus, chew, repeat.

Then, when you’ve polished off a big bag of high-quality meat snacks, there’s no guilt or let-down like there would be with candy. Instead, you put in the work and fueled your body the protein it needs to get things done. Studies show that jerky eaters are more productive than other snackers. I swear! Look it up.

Why is Beef Jerky So Good? It's Just Delicious.

Of course, the easiest answer to the question, “why is beef jerky so good” is simply that it tastes delicious. My beef jerky, in particular, is made from the leanest cuts of beef that are seasoned with the highest quality ingredients and then smoked using real wood. The result is a savory and tender snack you won’t want to stop eating.

By contrast, other snacks are…not so delicious. Potato chips are salty and greasy. Chocolate melts in your hands, despite what the commercials tell you. Nuts are fine, I suppose, but they are really just a poor substitute for beef jerky. I guess what I’m trying to say is that beef jerky is the best. Full stop.

I Think I Just Explained It

There you have it. In just a few hundred words, I have achieved what so few others have been able to, by answering the question, why is beef jerky so good? I could probably go on for another few thousand words, but I doubt you’d want to read those in one sitting. Perhaps instead, I’ll begin a series of treatises in the vein of the Federalist Papers explaining my position in more detail. 

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll keep snacking.