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The Final Four Smoked Snacks

Download and complete your own #Meat16 bracket here for your chance to win free jerky! Hello Friends, Last week in this here blog space, I presented a method of narrowing one's options in the face ...
Old Trapper Dispatches

The Meat 16 Bracket is Here

Download and complete your own Meat 16 bracket here for your chance to win free jerky! Hello Friends, I know it can be a mighty difficult task deciding what style of Old Trapper smoked meat to eat ...
Basket Ball
Alternate Histories

Basket Ball

Did I ever tell you about the time I played in the world's very first organized basketball game?
Old Trapper Dispatches

Old Trapper Twitter is the Best

Hello Friends, I know many of you have been following my riveting story over the last few years, but for those who haven't, here's a quick recap: I'm an Old Trapper who's lived a looooooooong life ...
Old Trapper Dispatches

The Perfect Green Salad in 5 Easy Steps

Hello Friends, I'm known by many to be something of a gourmand and snack food pioneer. In past posts, I've shared my gastronomical knowledge by offering a few favorite pairings for each of my beef ...
Old Trapper Dispatches

The Beef Jerky Subscription

Hello Friends, Have you or someone you love ever experienced the heartbreak of no-beef-jerky-itis? This painful condition is brought on by exhausting one's supply of beef jerky and can be accompan...
Trapper Pairings

Trapper Pairings: Old Fashioned

Hello Friends, On four previous occasions, I've shared my expert suggestions for pairings meant to enhance the experience of eating each of my beef jerky flavors. Today I will complete the cycle an...
Old Trapper Dispatches

Valentine Gifts for Your Mountain Man

Hello Friends, I'm of the mind to avoid manufactured holidays at all costs (Boss's Day, I'm looking in your direction) as I don't believe true appreciation or thanks should ever be reduced to oblig...
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Say Hello at the Eugene Sportsman Show

Hello Friends, It's been a long, cold winter for your favorite Old Trapper. Like most other forest mammals, I spend the majority of my winter months buried deep at the bottom of a cave, fast asleep...