Deer WeekIs The Ultimate Season

Friends, I partner with the good folks at the Outdoor and Sportsman channels every year to celebrate America's hunting lifestyle. During Ultimate Season '22, we're ready to help you find success in the field by showcasing the latest new products, plus tips, tricks, articles, and videos from America's foremost hunting experts.

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Preparation Makes All the Difference

If you've ever spent any time on the hunt, you know the importance of careful preparation. You can't merely show up to a random stand of trees on the first day of the season, wearing a pair of blue jeans and carrying a borrowed rifle. To be successful year after year, hunters should refine and perfect everything from pre-season scouting to gear selection to trigger-pull technique. Dedicated hunters can even level up their field snacks. When you're stalking a buck across endless acres of outdoor space, you need every ounce of available energy at your disposal. Beef jerky provides a healthy dose of lean protein with every bite, and these nutrients offer lasting energy without the crash that comes with more sugary snacks. Plus, beef jerky comes in lightweight, resealable, waterproof, and airtight packaging, making it easy to include in your hunting pack. So as you're preparing for Ultimate Season '22, stop by my online mercantile or your local grocery, convenience, or outdoor store to stock up on my flavorful beef jerky. It could be your best friend this hunting season.

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Enjoy Ultimate Season,Then Enjoy Your Hunt

Like most good things in life, Ultimate Season won't last long. But here's the good news: once Ultimate Season is over, you can begin your own hunt. As someone who has spent much of their life in the country's wildest places, I can assure you there's no better food for the soul than time spent outside connecting with nature and appreciating everything it has to offer us. As you head out, I offer my heartiest encouragement and well-wishes. Stay safe, and I hope you bring back the big one! 

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