The Legend of Old Trapper

For decades he’s existed only in myth.


For decades he’s existed only in myth. A man of indeterminate age, wearing battered animal skins, wanders the mountains and forests of the northwest, coming to aid those most in need. Word of the man filtered from the most wild places. Hunters, loggers, and hikers, here-and-there, spoke of meeting a man who would come to be known only as The Old Trapper.

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Trappers Log

Enjoy Your Weekend


Hello Friends, I hope you all are enjoying this glorious three-day weekend. Time off is a precious commodity in this busy world and sometimes it's hard to convince oneself that it is okay to unwind for a few hours and forget your worries, even if for a moment. Career Minded It

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Beauty is Skin Deep


Hello Friends, Though it's often of profound embarrassment to this Old Trapper, my fans often enquire as to how I've managed to preserve my fine facial features over these many decades. In fact, I receive letter after letter comparing me to the great beauties of the world (your Eastwoods, Waynes, and

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Fishing with Trapper


Hello Friends, It's no secret I'm one of the world's finest freshwater fisherman. You can credit my dedication to the craft, or years (and years) of practice, but you cannot deny my skill. I just posses an uncanny sense about our gilled brethren and can almost perfectly predict their very movements.

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Got a Beef?

The Old Trapper has a few beefs with the modern world. Hang out on social media and get your fill.

Hot off the Rack: Introducing Trapper’s Choice

Because you shouldn't have to waste time with fake steak.

Trapper’s Choice Original Beef Steak. Whole cuts of actual carved steak. It’s thicker, so it has to be marinated longer, cured longer, and wood smoked longer to leave it moist, tender, meaty, and delicious. Real spices, real wood smoke, and real steak. Don’t settle for anything less.

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