The Legend of Old Trapper

For decades he’s existed only in myth.


For decades he’s existed only in myth. A man of indeterminate age, wearing battered animal skins, wanders the mountains and forests of the northwest, coming to aid those most in need. Word of the man filtered from the most wild places. Hunters, loggers, and hikers, here-and-there, spoke of meeting a man who would come to be known only as The Old Trapper.

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Trappers Log

An Open Letter to The Beef Jerky Bandit


Dearest Sir, Word of your recent incarceration reached me just yesterday and I do wish I'd been alerted to your plight much sooner. As a maker and purveyor of the world's finest beef jerky, I understand the unique allure of that smokey deliciousness, but as a law-fearin' man, I cannot condone theft of any

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The Beef Jerky Anthology

OT Snow Trillium Lake-1560

Hello Friends, As many of you know, I'll take pen to paper when the muse strikes and write a bit of verse. I'm no Byron or Keats but I do believe my passion for smoked meats shines through in my words. Here, collected for the first time, are my jerky

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An Open Letter to the American Public Regarding Kale Jerky


Dearest Sir or Madam, First, by way of introduction, allow me to present my bona fides. My name is T.O. Trapper, proprietor of Old Trapper Beef Jerky and Smoked Snacks Inc. headquartered in Forest Grove, Oregon and purveyor of the finest beef jerky this great nation has to offer. As you might imagine, I'm a

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Got a Beef?

The Old Trapper has a few beefs with the modern world. Hang out on social media and get your fill.

Hot off the Rack: Introducing Trapper’s Choice

Because you shouldn't have to waste time with fake steak.

Trapper’s Choice Original Beef Steak. Whole cuts of actual carved steak. It’s thicker, so it has to be marinated longer, cured longer, and wood smoked longer to leave it moist, tender, meaty, and delicious. Real spices, real wood smoke, and real steak. Don’t settle for anything less.

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