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Meet The Trapper In Eugene, Oregon on Sunday, 8/16!

Hello Friends, ‘Twas a pleasure meetin’ all my devoted fans who attended last week’s 2015 Elk Extravaganza at Archers Afield. Together we shared laughs, a few tears, and bag after bag of free beef...
beef jerky

Meet The Old Trapper At Elk Extravaganza 2015

Hello Friends, I know many of y’all have expressed the desire to meet yours truly in person, and I assure you, The Trapper has heard your pleas. As such, I’ll be emergin’ from the wilderness and ta...
beef jerky

Oscar Night Twitter Contest - Free Beef Jerky and T-Shirt!

Are you watching the 2015 Oscars? Follow me on Twitter at @Old_Trapper as I live-tweet my thoughts about the show and you'll enter yourself to win a six-pack flavor sampler and T-shirt! Live Twi...