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The Huge 30 Pound Bag of Beef Jerky Is Here!

I get asked all the time about how real jerky lovers can get a bigger bag of my Old Fashioned beef jerky. It all started when I created the big bag idea with my 10oz package size. Apparently, tha...

March Madness Is Here, Better Stock Up

I'm pretty good at basketball...or so I've been told. The ol' roundball game has been a favorite of mine since I was a lad. Naismith called me to climb up and nail that peach basket for him. Mar...
beef jerky

Oscar Night Twitter Contest - Free Beef Jerky and T-Shirt!

Are you watching the 2015 Oscars? Follow me on Twitter at @Old_Trapper as I live-tweet my thoughts about the show and you'll enter yourself to win a six-pack flavor sampler and T-shirt! Live Twi...