Is Beef Jerky a Good Source of Protein?

Is Beef Jerky a Good Source of Protein?

As the heat of summer passes and the days grow shorter and darker, I find myself in a contemplative mood. I’ve faced a few brutal winters in my day, wandering the backwood trails in search of game and nature’s vistas. In those hard years before I became a beef jerky entrepreneur, I learned that the only thing worse than being trapped in a snow cave with an angry bear trying to dig its way in, is that exact situation but with an empty stomach. 

I’ve already jawed-on about the importance of eating snacks that give you quick energy, especially when you’re out on the trail–and getting food with enough protein is a big part of that. And naturally, as a beef jerky man, I’m partial to that particular snack. But when you get right down to it, is beef jerky a good source of protein?

Well, yes. And here’s why.

Is Beef Jerky Healthy?

In my honest opinion, there’s a whole slew of ways to stay healthy in this life. I myself favor a morning plunge into an icy cold spring to keep the blood flowing, followed by my favorite porridge of blended oats and bone marrow (don’t even get me started on sorghum), but that might not be your cup of tea. Maybe your local spring isn’t cold enough to benefit the constitution–perhaps you’re a fan of sorghum porridge. Agree to disagree. But my morning ablutions are never complete without a protein packed serving of hearty beef jerky.

Not only is beef jerky a good source of protein, but it’s also packed full of vitamins, minerals, and delicious flavor. Now, “flavor” might not currently be on any food pyramids, but having spent one hunting season eating nothing but cold roots dug out of the frozen ground, let me tell you, it’s as essential a nutrient as I’ve ever met.

But when you’re looking for a snack that will nourish your body and soul, you can’t go wrong with foods packed with protein. So how much protein is in your favorite Old Trapper’s jerky? At the end (or beginning) of the day, is beef jerky a good source of protein compared to other snacks?

How Much Protein Is In Beef Jerky?

When you take a bite of Old Trapper’s delicious, nutritious beef jerky, you give your body the zinc, iron, and vitamin B12 it needs. You’re also getting a healthy dose of lean, energy-increasing protein. But is beef jerky a good source of protein compared to, say, an elk steak that you hunted, field-dressed, and cooked yourself? Well, yes. And you don’t even have to stalk it through an icy tundra to enjoy the meaty rewards.

As the name suggests, beef jerky is made with beef. And when it comes to Old Trapper beef jerky, it’s made with the highest quality beef. Because beef jerky is smoked and dried, it’s not going to go rancid on you if you leave it at the bottom of your possibles bag for a day or two.

In addition, beef jerky actually has twice as much protein per ounce as your favorite cut of steak. With less water weight, the nutritious goodness is concentrated in every bite. When you’re looking for an easy, healthy, protein-packed snack to get you through the winter months, Old Trapper beef jerky protein is your best bet.