The 5 Best Snacks for Deer Hunting

The 5 Best Snacks for Deer Hunting

As the days grow shorter and summer weather cools to fall, my mind inevitably turns toward hunting season. Nothing matches the freedom I feel when I’m (metaphorically, of course) lost in nature, scouting my favorite hunting grounds, searching for signs that my target has passed by. 

Hunting focuses the mind and tunes the senses in a way no other activity can match. But it also tests your endurance, which is why successful hunters must stay energized during a long day in the woods. After many decades spent hunting the wildest places in this country, I’ve learned a thing or three about the best snacks for deer hunting, which I’ll now share freely with you.

1. Sorghum

Yup. You read that right. Sorghum is a hearty grass varietal that produces starchy seeds you can cook down into a porridge. Years ago, before I became the beef jerky entrepreneur you know today, I was just a humble trapper trying to eke out a living in an inhospitable wilderness. In those days, I’d simply fill my leather pouch with a scoop or two of steaming sorghum porridge and set out for hunts that would last for days. Was this porridge delicious? No, it was not. Did it keep me satisfied? Also no. Then why do I include it on a list of the best deer hunting snacks? Because I never want to forget how far I’ve come.  

2. A Sandwich

Maybe sorghum isn't your cup of tea. That’s perfectly understandable because it’s disgusting. Instead, why not pack a sandwich as a deer hunting snack. Maybe you could make a delicious bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich or the classic ham and cheese. I personally prefer peanut butter and jelly. Just make sure you spread the peanut butter before you spread the jelly. Trust me. It’s much easier that way. 

3. Your Stored Body Fat

I once stalked the last North American Wooly Mammoth across five (what are now known as) states before deciding to let it go its own way in peace. That was a difficult decision because, by that time, I’d consumed all my sorghum porridge and hadn’t eaten in weeks. Ultimately, I had to let that magnificent beast live, confident in my ability to survive on my stored body fat. 

Now, your eyes don’t deceive you. While I am a very lean Old Trapper, I’ve managed to optimize my personal fat storage system to begin fueling my body in the event of a food emergency. While scientists define this process as “starving,” I prefer to think of it as transcending the need to eat. 

While I don’t recommend that you try this method for an extended period, the kids these days have turned not eating into a diet fad known as “intermittent fasting” or, as I used to call it, “skipping breakfast.” Anyway, a few hours of not eating here and there shouldn’t hurt you. 

4. Beef Jerky

The single best snack for deer hunting is savory beef jerky. These cured chunks of lean, seasoned beef pack tons of protein that will keep you on the hunt without adding a bunch of junk that will slow you down. Plus, a beef jerky bag or two is waterproof and fits easily into any hunting pack without adding a bunch of extra weight to your back (or your front). If you’re looking for great snacks for deer hunting, you won’t regret picking beef jerky.

In a (not so) surprising coincidence, I just so happen to run my own beef jerky company, which I named Old Trapper Beef Jerky. We specialize in making jerky smoked over real wood smoke, which adds a flavor and texture other brands just can’t match. So the next you grab snacks for deer hunting, look for my face on the Old Trapper logo. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Chocolate Bars

… Wait… Just kidding! Don’t waste your time. Go to the store and grab a giant bag of Old Trapper beef jerky and head out into the woods to see what you might discover. Who knows, maybe you’ll find another wooly mammoth if you search hard enough.