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Old Trapper Answers: Why Are Beef and Cheese So Good Together?

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In this Old Trapper’s humble opinion, there’s not much on this earth better to snack on than a delicious, tender stick of smoked meat. But while I tend to have strong opinions about the ideal snacking fare, that doesn’t mean I’m set in my ways. And while I’ve done my fair share of innovating with my delicious beef jerky—just look at my hot and spicy beef jerky for proof—there may be nothing more mind-blowing, more innovative, more dare-I-say genius than the glory that is my Original Beef-N-Cheese Snack Sticks

A Beautiful Snacking Union

Here’s how the genius of my beef-n-cheese sticks got started. I was deep in the wilderness, tracking a legendary elkalope, when I tumbled down an inconvenient cliffside and took a hard knock on the skull. When I woke up sometime later, I was so ravenous and disoriented that I started chowing down on all my provisions without a care for what I was eating. 

Imagine my shock when the flavors in my mouth resolved into the most delicious harmony of savory delight my tongue had ever experienced. I quickly realized that the culinary ecstasy I was experiencing was not the result of a head wound but the serendipitous combination of my smoked meat snacks and delicious cheese. 

Snack-drunk on excitement, I quickly began to try other flavor combinations in the hopes of striking on another vein of culinary gold. But as it turns out, it just doesn’t get any better than a bite of smoky, hearty beef paired with rich and creamy cheese. So, while I never did find that rumored elk with the ears of a jackrabbit, I returned to civilization with something even better: the inspiration for my beef-n-cheese snack sticks and a healthy respect for cliffsides.

What Makes Beef and Cheese Meat Snacks so Delicious?

Whether or not you believe my tall tale on how I created beef-n-cheese snack sticks, there’s one thing that even the greatest skeptic can’t doubt: the deliciousness of beef when combined with creamy American cheese. 

But what exactly makes this flavor combo so spectacular? The art of crafting beef-n-cheese meat snacks lies in the meticulous balance of ingredients and seasonings. From smoky undertones to zesty spices, each element plays a crucial role in building a bold and nuanced flavor profile. But what really makes my beef-n-cheese sticks the best is the quality ingredients. I combine the best of my beef snack sticks with the most toothsome cheese for a duet of flavors your mouth will never forget.

The Highest Quality Meat Snacks

Firstly, let’s pay homage to the star of the show: beef. Renowned for its delicious flavor, hearty nutrition, and pleasing texture, beef serves as the foundation upon which these savory delights are built. Whether it’s tender slices of premium steak or finely chopped beef blended with savory seasonings, the quality of the beef sets the stage for an unforgettable snacking experience. I make every one of my beef snack sticks with 100% top-quality beef, smoked with natural wood, for that authentic flavor that compliments my spice blend perfectly. There’s simply no room for shortcuts when it comes to good meat snacks, and the best beef sticks need a worthy flavor partner. 

Cheese: Meat’s Best Friend

Ah, cheese—the quintessential companion to beef in the snack realm. From sharp cheddar to smooth gouda, the addition of cheese elevates these snacks to new heights of indulgence. Its creamy richness complements the savory notes of the beef, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors that dance tantalizingly on the taste buds. After much experimentation, I discovered that the subtly tangy American cheese was the best counterpoint to my smoky, tender beef sticks. 

Spice, but Only if You Want it

Folks who enjoy life’s spicier pursuits can indulge in my Jalapeño Beef-N-Cheese Sticks. This snack combines the same delicious pairing of meat and cheese and adds a bit of smoky, green chili heat.    

Culinary Delights on Demand

As delicious as my beef-n-cheese snacks may be, you might think they’d be more of a special occasion kind of treat, the type of thing best enjoyed at opera fundraisers, art galas, or penthouse parties. But despite the top quality of my flavors and ingredients, these beef snacks are meant to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. The individually wrapped snack packs are perfect for on-the-go enjoyment, whether you stash them in your glove box or gym bag or keep them buried in your backyard hidey-hole. But that doesn’t mean you can’t break them out at your wedding, too.

On top of being convenient, these snacks also pack a protein punch. Each package contains seven grams of protein and zero grams of sugar, so you can satisfy your hunger without the guilt. Plus, you can order a bulk pack with fourteen beef-n-cheese packages per box, a must-have for any elkalope hunting expedition.

Beef-N-Cheese: Savory Soulmates

While the story of their creation may seem like a tall tale, the undeniable deliciousness of combining savory beef with creamy American cheese speaks for itself. Crafted with the highest quality ingredients and the perfect balance of flavors, these snacks are the partner you need for your road trip, backpacking trip, or midnight craving. Don’t settle for ordinary snacks when you can live the legend of beef-n-cheese.