The Final Leg of The Elevated Trail Squad Road Trip

The Final Leg of The Elevated Trail Squad Road Trip

Leg 3: Monument Valley, Arizona to Sacramento, California

After spending the day taking in the stunning beauty of Monument Valley, Arizona, and enjoying a refreshing night of sleep under the stars, The Elevated Trail Squad heads west on the final leg of their week-long, 2,600-mile road trip. 

White Pocket, Arizona

Just south of the Utah-Arizona border sits Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, featuring 280,000 acres of stunning rock formations, challenging trails, and spectacular views. Visitor guides recommend bringing a four-wheel drive vehicle to navigate the deep sand roads. The guides don't mention beef jerky. However, we assume that goes without saying.

Valley of Fire, Nevada

This Nevada state park features 40,000 acres of red sandstone outcroppings surrounded by limestone mountains. Park visitors can also view 2,000-year-old petrified forests and petroglyphs inside the valley. The squad paused for a bit to take in the breathtaking scenery and recharge with some tasty beef sticks.

Alabama Hills, California

On the final stop before turning north towards home, the squad camped at the Alabama Hills National Scenic area between the Sierra Nevada and Inyo Mountains. The Alabama Hills feature a formation of rounded rocks formed more than 100 million years ago. Of course, there's no better place to contemplate the nature of time on such a profound scale than in front of a campfire with delicious snacks. 

Sacramento, California

The final stretch of this epic road trip took The Elevated Trail Squad from The Alabama Hills 500 miles back home to Sacramento. Over seven days, the squad covered more than 2,400 miles and visited eight points of interest in four states. Thanks for bringing Old Trapper along for the ride. We can't wait for the next trip! 

Leg 3 Miles Covered: 1,024

Beef Jerky Consumed: All of it

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