Jerky Stash: Protect Your Snacks

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Hello Friends,

Followers of these electronic missives are certainly familiar with my strong stance on beef jerky thievery, as I've spoken out against this scourge here and here. Unfortunately, as the popularity of beef jerky has exploded (especially the popularity of the most delicious beef jerky in the world), theft of this valuable snack resources is also on the rise.

I'll Do What I Can

I'll do my best to root out the thieves among us, those who choose to take that which other people acquire through hard work, but I cannot be everywhere at once. At most, I can be four places at one time and that's just not enough. As such, you'll need to take steps to prepare yourself.

jerky stash

Protect Yourself by Creating a Jerky Stash

Search for places in your home, car, and office where you can quickly hide your favorite smoked treats at the first sight of trouble. I'd advise you to never be more than four steps away from your jerky stash location. I promise you'll gain tremendous peace of mind through simple preparation.

Stock Up & Prepare

I pray to all that is good and holy that you never experience the heartbreak of snack theft, but I can make no promises. In the meantime, ensure your supply by signing up for the Old Trapper beef jerky subscription. You'll receive a steady supply of your favorite snacks at the interval of your desire. That way, you'll never run out and hopefully, by creating a proper jerky stash, you'll never lose what you already have.

All My Best

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