Old Trapper’s 2023 Football Season Preview

Old Trapper’s 2023 Football Season Preview

The only thing better than snacking on top-quality tender beef jerky is watching a top-quality football game while you snack. This year, Old Trapper is once again diving deep into the upcoming college and professional football season with sponsorships, in-stadium promotions, and exciting new studio features. Here's what you can look forward to: 

Catch Old Trapper on College Football Saturdays

College football isn't just about the game: it's also about the spectacle, the experience, and coming together as fans. That's why we're partnering with CBS Sports Network to sponsor the "What's Your Beef" segment on Inside College Football with hosts Adam, Rick, Randy, Brian, and Aaron. 

We're also partnering with Marty and McGee on the SEC Network, so watch for their unique OT yell every show! And as experts in tender smoked beef, we're also sponsoring the "Smokin' Player of the Game" segment on Fox Sports and the "What's Your Beef" segment on ESPN's College Football Live.

Sponsoring the Big Ten Conference

As the official jerky of the Big Ten Conference, you can catch the “What’s Your Beef” studio features on The B1G Show throughout the season and look for us on-site at the Big Ten Football Fan Fest during the Football Championship Game at the end of the season.

The Official Beef Jerky of the Big 12 Conference

Old Trapper is also the Official Jerky of the Big 12 Conference and presenting sponsor of the Big 12 Football Weekly Show. You can also catch us in the middle of the action at the Big 12 Fan Fest at the conference championships as the regular season comes to a close.

Backing the Pac-12 Conference

That's right, you guessed it—Old Trapper is the Official Jerky of the Pac-12 Conference. Catch our "What's Your Beef" studio features during the regular season’s The Pregame Show and “Beefy Moment” in-game feature throughout the season. 

Sundays Are For Old Trapper Too

If you're a fan of professional football, you'll see plenty of Old Trapper this season. We're sponsoring the NFL Network's Good Morning Football every weekday morning leading up to Football Sunday and the "What's Your Beef" segment on CBS Sports Network's That Other Pregame Show (TOPS) on Sunday morning.

Take Your Snacking Game to the Next Level

We've been proud football sponsors for years, but we're also fans, and we're excited to celebrate this season both on the field and off. So if you're watching college or professional football this year, make sure you're well-provisioned with only the best snacks. Grab some Old Trapper jerky and settle in. It's going to be a wild ride, and we can't wait to be there for every play.