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8 Things I Learned While Watching The Oscars

1. Science May Not Be My Thing 2. Accessorize Carefully  Old Trapper on Instagram 3. Go With What You Know 4. Spelling is Everything 5. A Great Performance May Not Be Enough  Old Trapper on Y...
Beef Jerky

Bright Lights, Beef Jerky, The Oscars

Hello Friend, Bein' that my lifestyle precludes the regular consumption of movin' pictures, I don't rightly follow the machinations of "The Academy." In my mind, the Best Picture is any photo that ...

Conflict Resolution with the Old Trapper

Hello Friends, Now I'm not one normally prone to violence. My motto has always been, 'Live, Let Live, and Eat Jerky." It's right catchy, I know. Many a t-shirt entrepreneur has sought permission to...
friday the 13th

Silly Superstitions

Who Needs Luck? I've always believed a man makes his own luck in this world, and as such, silly things like superstitions are nothing more that stories people tell in the dark. And this isn't idle ...
Beef Jerky

Valentine's Day, Kisses, and Beef Jerky

Nothing Personal But, you know, sometimes you're just not into it... Forever into beef jerky, tho. All my best,
Trapper's First Valentine
Old Trapper Dispatches

Trapper's First Valentine

Hello Friends, As St. Valentine's Day nears, I find my thoughts turnin' to love and all its inherent mysteries. Bein' that I am an Old Trapper, I've had occasion to love in my day, and be loved in ...

The Forest Survival Guide

Hello Friend, I've spent decades wandering the world's most wild places, and in that time I've often found myself in dangerous scrapes and on the short end of long odds. Until now I've managed to c...
Beef Jerky

The Beginning of Something

Hello Friend, You’ve made the informed decision to visit my internet web log and read the random musings of an Old Trapper and for that, you are to be commended. Having only recently emerged from t...